The Judas Gospel: A Novel

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Is the "Gospel of Judas" True? : Christian Courier

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Kim Lawrence. Priscilla Shirer. Did you know we carry? He does not hide his own presence under the basket — this prophet with a twinkle in his eye knows that he is offering a radical revision At the heart of it all is Klassen"s abiding sense of justice and human dignity: he wants his readers to come to know Judas as a person, warts and all, and worthy of respect — as they themselves are and as Jews have also been for centuries.

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Klassen"s technical exploration of this much maligned NT figure is a Christian plea for peace. Klassen"s rehabilitation of Judas comes from a reading, solidly within the practices of biblical scholarship, that considers the gospels as products of a lengthy period of Christian storytelling that was as much driven by theological and social urgencies as by concerns for historical accuracy The book is scholarly, but readable for almost anyone.

While there is much that is unnerving, the book is always constructively unsettling. Mennonite Reporter , Klassen breaks new ground in showing that Judas" personality is a historical creation on the part of the Gospel writers London, This book is an important corrective [to the antisemitism of the past and present] Klassen has done a service in showing that it was the emerging church which did the damage by demonizing Judas so that he could personify its Jewish opponents and lapsed Christians… In any case it is important that his conclusions be known to Christian educators who are trying to ensure that the NT cease to be a source of anti-Jewish prejudice.

Klassen has written a book that scholars of the origins of Christianity can only envy.

It is a well-argued presentation on an important topic that is a pleasure to read.. This classroom pedagogy is formative in his book with questions, answers and primary source material all providing a sound methodology. Klassen presents a convincing case that Judas" actions had to do with prodding Jesus with a legal and formal context to confront his opponents with the essence of his religious claims Wayne McCready, Professor.

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University of Calgary, Studies in Religion 26 3 It is obvious that this is a book which will require everyone who reads it to think afresh about the role of Judas in bringing about the death of Jesus. Klassen has read widely and gives attention to almost every piece of evidence All in all this book is a remarkable tour de force. It offers the fullest discussion of the quest of the historical Judas available in English.

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The Judas Gospel by Peter Van Greenaway

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Comparisons …. Already she has discussed her views on the Gospel of Judas adding to the growing number of voices that declare that Judas has been mischaracterized by previous scholars of this text …. Novelist Jeffrey Archer is writing a book inspired by the Gospel of Judas. Read an article on it from the Times On-line.

The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel
The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel
The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel
The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel
The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel
The Judas Gospel: A Novel The Judas Gospel: A Novel

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