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An air and sense about it. After all, it is the premier realistic cemetery in the entire United States.

L ukasz favored tracksuits with multicolored piping. Today, he is stuffed into a black Adidas number with a neon green line running up the legs and sleeves. He is drinking an Arnold Palmer under the July sun and mopping his brow with a blue paisley bandana. Lukasz pulled the cell phone out and dialed his mother—for the first time in months—deep in the heart of rural Poland on a phone that delivered a crackly and intermittent connection.

Can you hear Lukasz?

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T he plan had always been to return to Poland after the charges were far enough in the past to be forgotten or forgiven, but one month in Chicago turned into one year traveling the country slipped into three decades of living in Arizona after his car broke down in Sun City just outside of a smorgasbord advertising All You Can Eat for Five George Washingtons.

Lukasz wandered into the restaurant that summer day in gut-hungry and filthy from fiddling with the engine of his ocean-blue, windowless, shag-rugged Ford Econoline van. He walked from the arid parking lot, swooshed through sliding twin glass doors and into the restaurant lobby. His glasses fogged over with the humidity of steamed meats. He filled his plates with an array of textures and colors—pinks and greens, muddy lumps and gooey hills—with which he was unfamiliar, and settled into the groupeat being undertaken by a hundred gray heads around him.

That would be the last time Lukasz ever heard about him. B icentennial fever was rampant on every sandwich board that summer.

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Patriotism was the currency and Lukasz spent it with the dexterity of a founding father. Like dominoes, Lukasz knocked over the major prizes of red-blooded America within six months of stuffing the roll into his pocket. In rapid succession: finished the bottomless meal with the old man and wife; moved into their spare bedroom with crisp, thin sheets on the twin mattress; slid into apprenticeship with the old man who was an unsung craftsman of tenth-scale historical dioramas ; joined the local Pulaski outpost after the old man one night brought home a fist-sized pierogi that Lukasz ate with tears of umami recognition; courted the granddaughter of the woman who crafted that pierogi during which he presented himself for a three-month period as a flawless catch ; caught the granddaughter, Aga, and married her in the same Pulaski outpost that would provide Permaville with many of its clients over the ensuing thirty years.

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F or eighteen months, Lukasz apprenticed so intensely with the old man that the work Lukasz did became indistinguishable from his. Every inch of the dioramas they worked on was greeted by the clients universities, museums, shut-ins with obsessions about forgotten historical events with audible intakes of breath and impressed hmms from pursed lips. Lukasz became particularly proficient at creating facades in the same materials as the original—big red bricks were shrunken by painstaking chipping away, mini-wooden beams were whittled from actual planks; windows even were cut from original panes.

The old woman came into his room one night and told Lukasz she knew her husband was going to soon die. She told Lukasz the old man had only one condition for handing to Lukasz his business: design and build the old man a mausoleum that was a facsimile of his boyhood home in Poland. The old woman showed Lukasz a picture of a familiar squat abode and Lukasz was sure he could reproduce it.

Permaculture Design Course (PDC), Phayao Permaculture Center

Rural areas, while they don't consume as much as cities, often can't provide enough basic amenities like food or healthcare. At this juncture of human development, we face two major challenges: 1 How can we decrease the consumption of goods, food, energy, minerals and water in urban areas? And how can we provide more goods and services to people in rural areas? Permaville presents a powerful, new perspective on community development.

Including abstracts of over permaculture elements and programs, Permaville walks the reader through the process of redesigning a community into a revenue-generating paradise. Based on the Permaculture Design Course, Permaville presents readers with a comprehensive philosophy on what people need and challenges readers to think about what they would do to improve the physical and social infrastructure of their home and community. If you are looking for a new perspective on what we are doing on this planet, you should read this book.

Most of our surrounding community is involved in farming.

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Our climate has four seasons. During the course we will still be in the rainy season, which means we will get a lot of rain, but it will be warm.

Expect lush green landscapes and waterfalls being full of water. We will have access to flush toilets and showers no hot water yet, but we will be building a solar water heater during the internship! The course will include lessons and discussions on all aspects of permaculture. The following curriculum will be covered throughout the month:.

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