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PsychWriter was just an idea to share information, I never expected it to gain the following it has. Thank you so much Tamar! Like Liked by 1 person.

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Thanks, Justine. What a wonderful writing community we have! Like Like. I am glad you are taking care of yourself, even though I will greatly miss your posts. We can all learn from this. Thanks, Angela. All the lovely emails have shown me how valued the posts have been, which has been deeply touching. Looking forward to coming back now xoxo. You are a wise woman! I have taken 3 giant steps back from social media and guest blogging because I realize I have to spend the better part of my creative energy on writing the book. I just kept spreading myself too thin.

I will share this post for you and anytime you need me to post to my profile or page just let me know. Like, I'm not black, I'm not white Where is the switch? I'm kind, you know. Where is what switch? The black and white switch Oh you gotta get it fixed up? Right over here See, this is dust, every, over here is dust Danny, what up?

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Is that your lover? Yeah Really?

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I love B and B que's So The reason I don't barbeque on 'em on Wednesday, because he fucking, fucking falls in the grill. Little Beaner?

My Gift To You

What was that? Little fucking tooth. Carlos Carlos? Hey now, you can do it on command? You know as well as you do you can come whenever you want Tacos I'm the one who gave taco his name. You know that? I said, you believe that, I said "We had that barbeque", and he goes "Oh, you wanna go to taco" Oralay! My momma talk to me Try to tell me how to live But I don't listen to her cuz my head is like a sift My daddy, he disowned me cuz I wear my sisters clothes He caught me in the bathroom with pair of pantyhose My basketball coach, he just kick me off the team For wearing high heels sneakers and acting like a queen Gonna turn my back onto a tree, to a tree Gonna die my back into a tree Gonna die his back into a tree [?

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Share lyrics. Lyrics term of use. My Gift To You comments. The jewelry should be so special and important to your child that they'll want to talk about its meaning.

It's so beautiful that it promotes admiration and curiosity among their relatives and friends. After all we want to start a new youth movement we call: Guard your heart -- with a ring -- and a prayer. When the day arrives that your child has found the helpmate that God has set apart for them and they marry, they will present the ring or pendant to their spouse as a gift, explaining that this represents them and their commitment to this marriage.

At this time the reverse side of the covenant that has been hanging in their room for years is read, signed and dated by the newlyweds. This becomes a pledge of their faithfulness and their intention to let Christ be the head of their marriage.

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This single framed and displayed gift can become a lifetime daily reminder of God's interest in the way we live our lives in front of a hurting and watching world. The spouse may now wish to wear the ring or pendant until the time comes for a "My Gift to You" talk with their firstborn.

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A tradition that should continue until Christ comes again This is my gift to you parents everywhere, one more weapon in the arsenal that God has given us to fight for the hearts and minds of our children. We know of no other battle that is more important. Our prayer for you is that the Lord Jesus Christ will guide you and direct you in this special time you have with your child.

Be sensitive to the Lord's leading and lean on Him for all you will say and do.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Remember what He says in His Word that in your time of need, open your mouth wide and He will fill it. Thank you for your interest in "My Gift to You", and most importantly in your child. We trust that this will be just one more step in your loving relationship.

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May God's richest Blessings always be yours. This is the most spectacular diamond ever and we know you will agree when you see it! We need your help though to give it a very special name. Good afternoon, Mike. Words really cannot do it, or my gratitude, any justice! Without a doubt. Size is perfect. Especially with these insane knuckles I have!

My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You! My Gift to You!
My Gift to You!

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