Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)

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But even today there is someone of them who is silent witness of his tired ancient Lady: Rome. They are also above the ancient Roman coins or They are painted on famous paintings As antiques murals in the Catacombs in Rome and as obelisks guardians in St. Peter's Square.

Therefore, there are still alive So you know now an other aspect of my beautiful old Rome and I hope to have not bored you. I love to search something of interesting for me first because simply I want to learn new things. Simply and humbly I must admit that there are many things to learn and to know. This is the wonder of life.


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E con questa ultima dolce immagine di una bellissima attrice italiana di Quo Vadis, Marina Berti, vi saluto di nuovo. Un abbraccio affettuoso a voi tutti e a presto!! Pubblicato da Mari 36 commenti. Avevo preparato questo post da qualche giorno e ho pensato di augurarvi Buon Natale proprio la sera della Vigilia cliccando semplicemente sul pulsante "Pubblica".

I prepared this post a few days ago. I thought to wish you a Merry Christmas this evening. I'm Sure you are dining for celebrating a new special Christmas with your family or maybe all alone An other Christmas Approfitto di questo momento di gioia per farvi i miei auguri attraverso i miei libricini. In the meanwhile I have the occasion to present you a past work made in collaboration with Peiwen Oiseau deNim. The Title of this first book is: "Les Recettes des Grands Chefs" Great Chefs' recipes I have made for Peiwen these three kind of books many months ago but I wanted to publish them just now in occasion of Christmas.

Because the picture of the principal book makes me always think on Christmas. I libri sono tutti in lingua francese e curati in ogni dettaglio e particolare come un libro vero. Tutti leggibili sono pieni di fotografie che fanno venire l'acquolina in bocca solo a guardarle. Ognuno con ricette, storie e foto diverse. The inside text is in legible French language and each book looks as a real book.


The attention to details and the pictures inside of them can make an high quality result. Auguriiiiiiiiiiiiii a tutti Merry Christmas to you all!! Pubblicato da Mari 31 commenti. Gifts from Jennifer. Finally I can show you the beatutiful and cute gifts from Jennifer Plushpussicat. America is not so far ;o I was so happy and surprise when I received her amazing and lovely thoughts that I didn't know if was Christmas or an early St. Valentine's day :o. Thank you dear Jennifer you are always a lovely friend.

I love everything. Pubblicato da Mari 15 commenti.

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Spero che stiate tutti bene. Io purtroppo ho avuto molto lavoro ultimamente e per questo sono stata poco presente. Ma il mio piccolo mondo non l'ho dimenticato anzi The results were simply outstanding. From the first moment I met what I call the A-Team I know I found the best professionals to for fill my dream request of that is today true a picture equals a thousand words. What I really like in working with you all was that you fulling understood what I need, your eye to detail, the repetition of taking more and more shoots to find that perfect picture that I was looking for, the focus in capturing the moment and the professionalism you provide pre, during and post the photoshoot.

I will certainly recommend your company… we are know as the Artisans of luxury travel to Italy but you are certainly a team of true Artisans of photography.

Thank you very much! I have seen firsthand his attention to detail which carries from initial contact with clients, through meticulously staging and photographing the event, continuing with hands-on production of his gallery worthy photos. Thanks a lot!!! And look what I did to one of your pictures, I had it printed on wood!! Cheers Petra.

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We received the album yesterday and are very pleased with the final product. Many thanks for the great job you did for that memorable day and also on the photoalbum. We will recommend you to anyone we know! Hope you are well!

Help with gardening, cooking and cleaning the family house in the small village of Daiano, Italy

Great to hear from you! Cannot thank you enough for all that you have done! Beth and I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you: we are excited to see your work!

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I wish you and your family the best, please keep in touch! Volevo ringraziarvi e congratularmi con voi! Grazie ancora e buon weekend! Wanted to let you know that we LOVE the photos — you have such a great eye and we love your style!!! If we ever know someone getting married in Italy we make sure to refer you as their wedding photographer.

Grazie Mille! Non avevamo dubbi sulla tua bravura! How about you guys? Thanks so much for everything you have done for us again.

Agriturismo Cà Sonino, Bettola, Italy - iccomertoda.gq

We have seen the words written on the 12th photo. So nice of you to include them in your website!! We are very proud to be one of your history in your studio!! I also received the pictures you sent to me which is the waiter who looks like Zidane, the French football player!! They really look the same! Very interesting picture indeed!


Thanks for sharing with us! Anyway, do keep in touch and if ever you visit Hong Kong, remember to tell us and we will bring you around! You know Hong Kong is part of China and China is such a big country with a lot of nice photo-taking places to visit! You will surely enjoy it! Happy new year! Wish you and your family the best! Wishing you a New Year of peace and happiness. Carissimo Luca, i nostri migliori auguri e di nuovo grazie mille per le bellissime foto!

Arriviamo in Milwaukee! Our wedding and vacation were buonissime! Thank you for making the wedding day so special! We would be honored if our photos were on your website. You are authorized to put as many photos as you desire. Thank you again and I wish we had made it to Venice earlier. Grazie, arrivederci!

Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition) Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)
Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition) Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)
Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition) Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)
Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition) Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)
Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition) Mi hanno accolto con un abbraccio (Italian Edition)

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