Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture

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The author of Genesis contrasts the descendants of Cain the evil seed of the serpent with the line The remainder of Salvation History is foretold in the three covenants God successively formed with Abram in Genesis 15, with Abraham in Genesis 17, and with Abra We study the Biblical account from the end of Abraham's life through the end of the Book of Genesis when all is well for the 12 tribes of Israel in Goshen, Egypt. We delve into an explanation of the background to the narrative in the Book of Exodus, which in turn sheds light upon the story we read.

Moses is presented as a New Noah We begin where the last lesson left off with the Sinai Covenant wherein God enters into a solemn covenant relationship with the 12 Tribes of Israel. This covenant, which We cover the history of salvation between the 40 years of Israel's wilderness wanderings and the rise of King Saul to the throne. We begin with the ascension of Saul to the throne of kingship over all 12 tribes of Israel in the First Book of Samuel.

However, due to Saul's We review the defining characteristics of the Davidic Covenant before moving into the reign of King Solomon. Bethsheba, whose name means Daughter We come to understand how the Deuteronomic curses outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy are fulfilled in both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms as they We take a look at some of the key Old Testament prophetic passages that foretell the restoration of all Israel under the descendant of King David: the Davidic King.

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We go We view of the history between when the exiled Jews first began to return to the Holy Land i. Palestine in B. We go over the various religious groups in the Holy Land both when Jesus was born and when he went about his ministry at approxim We survey the 27 books of the New Testament by first looking at the authorship of the 4 Gospels, who their audiences most probably were, as well as the major themes they We begin with an explanation of the Christological definition formulated at the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon in A. Carson then speaks about the two means We uncover the deeper meaning behind the baptism of Jesus, his temptation in the desert wilderness, the Wedding at Cana found in John 2 , as well as Jesus' proclam We come to better understand what Jesus says in Mark's Gospel: "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe in the gospel.

We delve into the theme of Jesus as the New Passover lamb. We are told in the Gospels that the Last Supper was specifically the Passover meal We begin speaking of the resurrection of Jesus not with the Gospel narratives, nor with St. We discuss how Jesus perfectly fulfills the Old Testament in two main ways: 1 Jesus fulfills various Old Testament foretypes that point to We come to understand how the birth of the Church is none other than the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom under the Son of David We look back at the whole of Salvation History to better understand God's purpose for Israel, which is to be a light to the nations We look at the person, history, and theology of one of the greatest saints in the 2, year history of the Catholic Church: St.

Paul the Apostle. In this episode, we read We reexamine the 12 characteristics of the Davidic Kingdom in the Old Testament. Since the New Covenant is a renewal and extension of the Davidic Covenant, we find these We divide the lesson into four parts.

WINTER 2020 – Genesis to Jesus Bible Study

First, we discuss the historical meaning of the word: "catholic. We go through the historical context surrounding St. John's Apocalypse, which is also known as "Revelation" - the final book of the canon of Sacred Scripture. Its genre is We wrap up the Understanding the Scriptures Bible course by learning how to read and interpret Scripture faithfully.

We do this by examin You have just discovered one of the top free Bible studies available online. It consists of 30 audio episodes, each running between 72 and 80 minutes in length.

Its curriculum is the entire Bible. Listen to it from start to finish, and you'll gain a clear vision of the Bible's narrative from beginning to end. Go ahead and give it a listen. Your life will be changed forever.

“I Am Willing to Go”

Would you please consider supporting the podcast? Learn more here! The Understanding the Scriptures Podcast 30 Episodes. Genesis to Revelation. Join hundreds of thousands of listeners from around the world. Pick an episode:.

"A Journey Through Scripture from Genesis to Jesust; Retreat-Lindenwood January 8-February 20,

What Is This? We are constantly inundated with conflicting opinions and points of view. How can Catholics sort through all these to walk by faith? Jeff draws on the Gospels, Psalms, and Hebrews chapter 11 to quiet the inner conflicts we have inside of ourselves and focus on the one eternal truth of God. Drawing from St.

Paul, James, and Proverbs, Jeff brings up three decisions that will change your life for the better. Jeff reminds us that if we feel unaffirmed or unappreciated, we will seek it somewhere—money, relationships, our work.

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How often do you stop to recognize how God provides for you, and how often do you ask for his provision in your life? If we are focusing on the world, who is focusing on our family? Jeff points to Scripture verses from Luke, 1 Timothy, and Matthew to show how we can emulate the good Samaritan and become a blessing to our families and local communities. Growing in faith is difficult in our fast-paced, distraction-heavy lives.

Jeff Cavins slows things down to help us focus on prayer and Jesus. Developing a strong relationship with Jesus is so important to the spiritual life, and bringing children to Jesus is the main goal of Catholic parents.

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Jeff Cavins and Fr. Josh Johnson are in Poland!

Journey Through Scripture Series

From Auschwitz to Pope St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. Faustina, as well as some amazing glory stories that reveal the mercy, truth, and suffering of these saints.

Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture
Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture
Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture
Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture
Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture Genesis to Jesus Journey Through Scripture

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