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Narrative strategies This progressive resource brings the innovative power of narrative medicine to the forefront of Intended for a general audience, these lectures addressed a broad range of topics, from dream analysis to yoga and meditation. Here for the Anglo-German Dramatic and Poetic Encounters contains essays focusing on the roles of drama and poetry in Anglo-German exchange in the Sattelzeit.

It offers new perspectives on the movement of texts and ideas across genres and cultures, the formation and reception of poetic personae, and the place of illustration in cross-cultural, textual Anglo-German Dramatic and Poetic Encounters contains essays focusing on the roles of drama and Toggle navigation.

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New to eBooks. John Jung. Filter Results. Last 30 days Last 90 days All time. English Only. All PDF Epub. Add to Cart Add to Cart. In their stead, special treatises of instruction are prepared for these officials, and manuals of epistolary rhetoric appear, with examples scattered here and there throughout the text, or collected in separate books. Jahrhunderts" Munich, Side by side with these works of epistolary rhetoric we meet special treatises for the use of clerks in different chanceries , and formularies to guide notaries public.

As to the papal chancery, in general very faithful to its customs and its "style", after the reform of Innocent III many formularies and practical treatises appeared, none of them possessing an official value. At a more recent date we meet many treatises on the Roman chancery and on pontifical letters, but they are not formularies, though their text often contains many models. From the twelfth century onward the formularies of the papal Curia become more numerous but less interesting, since it is no longer necessary to have recourse to them to supplement the documents.

We must mention the "Summa de absolutionibus et dispensationibus" of Nicholas IV ; of particular value also is the formulary of Benedict XII at the latest , made by order of that pope and long in use. It contains five hundred and seventy letters of which more than two hundred are taken from the collection of Thomasius. IV, ch. APA citation. Boudinhon, A. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. MLA citation. Boudinhon, Auguste.

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Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)
Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition) Briefsteller: Roman (German Edition)

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